Research guide examples

My colleague at Georgia State, Prof. Nancy Johnson, requires students to create research guides as major projects in Advanced Legal Research.  As we’re running a similar assignment as part of tech tools research module, I thought you might like to see examples from Prof. Johnson’s classes.

Please note:

  • These are not examples of A+ projects; some are better than others.
  • Georgia State’s platform, LibGuides, provides a standard look and feel.  We’re not going that route; instead I’d like you to post your guide as a page on your web site.
  • Many of the guides use four tabs: “home,” “primary sources,” “secondary sources,” and “interest groups and associations.”  This MIGHT make sense for you, but please let your topic dictate the structure.  Federal Legislative History, for example, might use: “compiled legislative histories,” “specific documents (e.g., hearings, reports, etc.),” “databases,” and so on.  Or for treaty research, you could have “when the United States is (not) a party,” “multilateral treaties,” “treaties by subject,” etc.

See you tomorrow!



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