RIP Google 411

One of my favorite under-the-radar Google services, 1-800-GOOG-411, is going away on November 12th.  Google’s says it wants to focus on other voice related projects, and I’m sure sure we’ll continue to benefit from its work in this area, but I’ll miss GOOG-411.  When it debuted in 2007, directory assistance cost $1 or more… GOOG-411 gave us the information, and connected our calls for free.

Some alternatives…

  • Bing 411: free, automated directory assistance (with connection to businesses), weather and traffic reports, directions, etc.
  • 1-800-FREE-411: listen to a 10 second ad, then follow voice prompts for the listing you want.

One response to “RIP Google 411

  1. jonathanwoolsey

    Another site that I use regularly, which I guess is not exactly the same as a “411 phone call” site, but is similar — is It has been marketed and characterized as “Google on Steroids” and I have used it for a couple years now and found it quite useful for tracking down names and addresses and phone numbers that I otherwise could not find on the usual “White Pages” and other related sites like that. I was previously unaware of these other 411 services that you referenced, though. Thanks for the links, I will have to check them out!

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