More on Lexis Changes

Yesterday a few of the library staff met with Jill Kalogerson, our Lexis rep, to learn about the new interface.  Lexis plans to roll this out to students on January 1, 2011.  Instant reaction — it’s an aesthetic improvement, but adds almost no new functionality.  Here’s the before and after (click for higher resolution screenshots).

I’ve emphasized the two primary changes.  On top, in green, is the new tab structure.  Basically they’ve merged three rows of tabs (plus some other wasted space) into two.  On the right is a new column, with quick search and other functionality, depending on where you sit within the database structure.

Mostly this is cosmetic work in advance of the “New Lexis” that they plan to unveil next summer.  I don’t know much about those changes, although it probably responds to WestlawNext.  Apparently it will incorporate some of the look and feel of Lexis Advance for Solos, which I mentioned in an earlier post.



One response to “More on Lexis Changes

  1. Thansk for the update! Glad they made some space saving cosmetic changes but it’s apity they didn’t throw us a few functionality nuggets. Hopefully they are just saving all the coolness to the next generation instead of ignoring things that might make using it a better experience. I’m still a Lexis fan over Westlaw for many things but have a small list of things I always use Westlaw for.

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