Recommended sites from last class

You guys brought a bunch of very cool sites / utilities to my attention both during and after last Friday’s class.  Here are the ones I remember… please comment if I’ve forgotten some, or if you’ve thought of others.

  • Dirpy.  Allows you to save videos from youtube into mp3 format.  Incidentally, you can also record streaming video from various sources (like youtube) by using services like KeepVid.
  • Google Goggles.  Use your iPhone (with most recent update to the Google App), or Android Phone to identify objects you see through the camera.
  • Rdio.  A music subscription service allowing you to stream music on your computer or mobile device, and even download to listen offline.  Looks a lot like Rhapsody, but has an even cheaper entry price ($4.99 / month).
  • Bing Travel Price Predictions.  Search for flights as usual, but the system advises you to buy now or wait, based on price history for the same route.
  • LexML.  Portal for Brazilian legislation and case law.  In Portuguese, English, and French.

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